About Maharani


We are Maharani Textiles and Handicrafts, we began as a small pawnshop ( Trade of old and antique goods in exchange of money at very reasonable prices) started by our great grandfather. As years passed, tourism increased in India¬† through heritage forts, monuments and local culture, the tourists visiting here showed great interest in hand made products and textiles. Which gave a path to our small business, a new direction that led our business to new heights, through this opportunity and our grandfather’s successful decisions we started our manufacturing unit and employed thousands of workers who were unemployed. We helped these workers transform into artisans, who showed their incredible talent in making hand made products which enabled us to export these incredible products all over the world.


Today, we (5 brothers ) are showing their talent in making hand made goods at very reasonable prices, trading old and antique products at a great value. We are dealing with international buyers from various countries as we believe in serving the world with our best in quality and design hand made fabrics and furniture.

Our business has recently been known as the hidden gem in the world of fashion. To elaborate a little, we are featured in various popular international business magazines including Fortune, Tatler Travel, Geo Season, Vogue and many more…





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