Handcrafted Tribal Nandi Statue

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SIZE:- L:-46 cm x W:-29 cm x H:-32 cm , L:- 18 inch x W:- 11 inch x H:- 12 inch

MATERIAL :- Bronze

CARE & CLEANING :- Dry Cloth For Cleaning.


Vintage Handcrafted Nandi Statue/Bronze Nandi Cow Statue/Decorative Tribal Art Nandi Statue/Gatekeeper of Shiva & Parvati/Sacred Bull.

Nandi (also Nandin) is the sacred bull calf, gatekeeper, and vehicle (vahana) of the Hindu god Shiva. Sculptures of Nandi are a common sight at Hindu temples dedicated to his master, and he is partly responsible for the Hindu reverence for living bulls even today.

A statue of Nandi is present as a bull sitting on a plinth in front of most Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva, especially Dravida (Southern) temples. He sits in a
dedicated columned pavilion known as a nandi mandapa and is positioned so that he gazes in adoration at Shiva’s linga within the main temple.


2 reviews for Handcrafted Tribal Nandi Statue

  1. lizmcgeough

    Love it!!! it was right on time and exactly what I wanted & needed.The craftsmanship of this artefacts is truly exceptional. The order was delivered very quickly. Thankyou!

  2. Helen Hopkins

    Its beautiful. exceeded my expectations. Super quality.

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