Tibetan Singing Bowl For Meditation


Size : ( L 22 * W 22 * H 12 ) cm

Material :- Handmade, Brass, Hand Painted

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✔️ Stress & Anxiety Reduction
✔️ Deep Relaxation
✔️ Musicians & Teachers
✔️ Holistic Healing & Reiki Practice
✔️ Spiritual Healing
✔️ Self-Hypnosis
✔️ Home Decor
✔️ Gift

Traditional Singing Bowls are made of 7 metals and are also known as Himalayan Bowl , bells , Chime bowl , Tibet bowl , chanting bowl and other .
Handmade in Nepal by local artisans from underprivileged communities.
Authentic singing bowl can be used for various purposes.
These bowls make great yoga gifts for men and women, meditation gift , spiritual gift and can be used for home decor and room decor too. They are perfect for any occasion s and are thoughtful presents.
It makes for a wonderful birthday gifts , mothers day , fathers day and Christmas gift and mindfulness gift too.
These Tibetan Singing Bowls are popular among Zen practitioners and healers for prayer meditation and they frequently use singing bowl for cleansing.
You can perform singing bowl Reiki with them too.
Healers target chakras and incorporate it with Pranayama and various yoga nidra to help relieve anxiety and panic attack .


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