Vintage Carved Garuda Statue


SIZE :- L 13 cm x W 5 cm x H 17.5 cm

Material :- Handmade, Brass, Carved

The Garuda is a mythical bird with human arms that is hatched from space, ready to fly, which represents the noble quality of outrageous. Through meditation and spiritual warrior ship training, attachment is cut, and we’re able to develop a fresh mind that continually cuts through concept. “This mind accommodates everything with the confidence of equanimity, an unbiased view that comes from having contemplated the landscape of life: the reality of impermanence and suffering. Taking that bird’s-eye (Garuda) view into our day, we are freed from conventional mind—a fixation on hope that life will meet our expectations, and fear that it will not. Unencumbered by the need to manipulate reality, we can use whatever happens to radiate compassion without bias. With this open mind we magnetize whatever we may need for spiritual and worldly success.”


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