Vintage Tortoise PadLock


Size : ( L 12 * W 6 * H 17 ) cm

Material :- Handmade Carved, Bronze


This is an original Tibetan temple lock that we collected from the ancient city of Kathmandu, Nepal. The skeleton keys are artifacts in their own right, and are unique to the lock.
This lock has a few tricks up its sleeve. If you simply unlock it then it will not open. Once it has been unlocked then you need to turn the turtles head to the right for it to open properly.
The turtle has always been a universal symbol for endurance, longevity, patience and peace. They always follow the long slow path.

The padlock, sturdy and functional, the lock comes with a set of 2 intricately hand crafted keys.

It is made of solid brass, and can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes.
An amazing piece of hardware for your collection

This is a sturdy, functional and unique artifact. Absolutely awesome!


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