Vintage Trick Fish Padlock


Size : ( L 21 * W 7 * H 14 ) cm

Material :- Handmade Carved, Bronze

This is an original Tibetan temple fish lock that we collected from the ancient city of Kathmandu, Nepal. The skeleton keys are artifacts in their own right, and are unique to the lock.
This fish has a few tricks! First, the key hole is covered by a fin. Slide the fin to reveal the key hole. Second, one of the fishes eyes is a secret button. Hold the button to fully turn the key and unlock the lock.
In ancient China rice farmers would raise koi fish in their rice patties. The koi would eat the harmful insects resulting in a better crop yield. If the crops failed then they could also eat or sell the koi fish. Since then the koi fish has become a symbol for prosperity and luck throughout Asia.

This is a sturdy, functional and unique artifact. Absolutely awesome!


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