Embroidered Patchwork Wall Hanging Tapestry

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Size :- 80 cm x 100 cm / 32 inch x 40 inch

Material :- Handmade , Cotton , Hand Embroidered

This Indian patchwork wall hanging is a very beautiful piece of ethnic textile art.

Fully executed by hand it is made of different pieces of ancient embroidery coming from traditional Indian costumes. we collected the costumes from different villages by going in search of traditional hand work.

Mainly silvered colored with golden touch, these embroidery are made of metallic wires and adorned with small mirrors. The patterns are traditional of tribal Indian fabric and embroidery and each piece of the patchwork takes hours to be executed.

Because it made of ancient fabric each of those wall hanging are perfectly unique. Please keep in mind that it can shows some small traces of wear.

Please take a look at the measures : picture are sometimes misleading about the dimensions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or demand !

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1 review for Embroidered Patchwork Wall Hanging Tapestry

  1. Caitlin Carola

    This is so beautiful. We have it hanging on a wall and it is just magnificent. Thank you so much. So much hard work has gone into this beautiful tapestry.

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