Embroidered Kinari Pashmina Shawl


Size :- 100 x 200 cm / 40 X 80 inch.

Material :- Pashmina, Embroidered

Care Instruction :- Dry Clean Only

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kinari is the traditional Kashmiri name for a line length of embroidery that runs across the width of the shawl.

The kinari embroidery came into existence when western taste started to influence the shawl making industry, leading to a preference for less elaborate embroidery. Initially kinari had paisley embroideries (traditionally called Badam, meaning almond in Urdu, due to its resemblance to the almond shape of the paisleys) which were interlaced with embroidered filling called Aab, meaning water. Even though the paisleys are still a much loved motif, the kinari has also evolved in a contemporary direction.

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