Designer Pashmina Hand Embroidered Shawl


Pashmina Hand Embroidered Shawl made in Kashmir.

Condition : Brand New
Size : 100 x 200 cm / 40 x 80 inch / 1.11 x 2.22 yard (Approx)
Material : 100% pure Pashmina, Hand Embroidered. (Authentic, has no mix of Viscose, Silk etc.)
Weave : Tight Weave, Traditional Hand Weave, Woven on Wooden Handloom with Wooden Needles.
Thread Count: High
Feel : Soft

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Splendid needle embroidery craftsmanship on a handmade Kashmir Cashmere Pashmina base creates this amazing Embroidered Pashmina. This beautiful Cashmere Pashmina shawl is handcrafted using centuries old Sozni Pashmina Embroidery Process. The light hand embroidery on this Pashmina Embroidered shawl makes this piece truly unique. This embroidery Pashmina Cashmere shawl is crafted by the best embroidery pashmina artisans in Kashmir. The crafting of this embroidered pashmina cashmere scarf has taken 2 months of intricate embroidery craftsmanship.


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