Kashmiri Pashmina Hand Embroidered Shawl


Size :- 100 cm x 200 cm/40 inch x 80 inch

Material :- Handwoven, Pure Cashmere, Hand Embroidered


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This Shawl is hand embroidered here in the beautiful Kashmir Valley. We use a tiny needle for embroidery to make sure we have fine stitches. Hand embroidery is both men’s and women’s job and we are proud to have some very talented craftswomen associated with us. A shawl takes months to years to get ready, depends on the intricacy of the pattern.
The fabric used for the embroidery is Pashmina/Cashmere and it is 100% Natural fabric. It is warm and soft. Pashmina and Cashmere are the different names of the same fabric. We call it Cashmere in Kashmir and internationally it is known as cashmere. Mostly we source Pashmina raw material from Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir, from a very popular Cashmere Goat Capra Hircus. And all other process is done in the Kashmir valley like spinning, weaving, dyeing, embroidery and finishing.


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