Boiled Wool Designer Embroidered Shawl


SIZE:- 70 x 200cm , 27 x 78 inches

MATERIAL:- Hand Embroidered , 100 % Boiled wool.

Washing & Care instructions:-

Gentle hand wash only

Re-shape and dry on flat surface

Never hang when wet or dry

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A 100% boiled camel wool embroidery Designer shawl. Timeless and versatile, this scarf is a beautiful piece perfect for winter. A fabulous and generous gift for Wedding.

This unique winter shawl is not a simple scarf but marvelous and highly functional fashion accessory.

Boiled wool is wool treated by boiling causing the wool to shrink so when it’s made into clothes it doesn’t let the wind in or your heat out making it warmer than regular wool without being heavy.


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