Embroidered JAAL Shawl


Size :- 100 cm x 200 cm/40 inch x 80 inch

Material :- Embroidered, Heavy Jaal


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Jaal is exquisitely intricate embroidery which covers every square millimetre of a Pashmina shawl with different designs, traditional or contemporary. Each piece can take a master embroiderer from 1 to 4 years to produce, depending on the design, intricacy and the size of the shawl.

Kashmir is one of the few places left with almost no industrial production that still genuinely hand make the majority of their products.

Our embroidered shawls are hand embroidered from finest sheep wool and made special by evocative explosion of flowers and ornaments that are undeniably dominated by powerful colors.

It is not a simple shawl but marvelous and highly functional fashion accessory.

Wrap your self with this beautiful, exotic and warm shawl which can be worn for every occasion.


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