Camel Wool Jamawar Pashmina Shawl

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Size :- 200 cm x 100 cm / 80 inch x 40 inch / 1 m x 2 m.

Material :- Handwoven , Camel Wool , Pashmina

Famed Pashmina Jamawar, the shawl that adorned the Queens and Kings, created by our best craftsmen. This heirloom quality shawl is an ultimate piece of art created with love, devotion and dedication. Only one piece is created to make it truly unique.

The intricate designs on this pure Pashmina shawl is sure to grab everyone’s attention. The neat hand embroidered Jamawar work makes this shawl ideal for all occasions.

1 review for Camel Wool Jamawar Pashmina Shawl

  1. kailis lich

    Wow !! How beautiful is this scarf . The colours are so vibrant

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