Hand Block Pashmina Scarf


Size : 70 x 200 cm /28 x 79 inch.

Material : 100% Pashmina/Hand Block. (Authentic, has no mix of Viscose, Silk etc.)

Weave : Light Weave, Woven on Wooden Hand loom.

Feel : Very Soft.

One of the best selection of Thai Pashmina cashmere scarf.

The scarf made by handwoven using traditional loom and dyed.

Elegantly colorful design, light and comfortably soft.

Just wrap it twice or three times around your neck, or fold in half & slip one end through the other – a versatile accessory of generous proportions. The natural, breathable Pashmina cashmere means it will keep you warm in the winter but won’t be too hot for the summer.


*** CARE OF ITEM ***

 Washing and care:
All the items are pre-washed and ironed by me prior to sewing. Hand-wash gently with cold water, mild detergent and line dry, before a careful warm iron. Use caution with rough fingernails and jewelry, the fabric is very delicate.


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