Handwoven Kaani Shawl


SIZE :- 100 x 200 cm , 40 x 80 inches.

MATERIAL:- 100% Pashmina


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Kaani is a shawl woven with bobbins or twigs (which are called kaani in the local language) on a double twilled loom. This particular technique was born and nurtured in the Kashmiri town of Kanihama, and closely resembles the weaving technique of elaborate tapestries. The designs are first colour-coded and then woven over the pashmina warp with the help of bobbins, each bobbin representing a different color. The bobbins are then interwoven with each other and the warp to bring to life beautiful floral, traditional or contemporary designs. Each shawl can take from 2 months to 2 years on the loom to finish. Andraab is proud and honoured to employ a few of the remaining handful of weavers who are masters of this technique.

This shawl’s are one of a Kind !



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