Designer Luxury Yak Wool Scarf


Measurement: – 70 Cm X 200 Cm.

Material :- 100% Yak Wool , Handmade

Care Instruction :- Dry Clean Only.

– They can be comfortably worn around the neck like a shawl or a wrap.
– They are suitable to be worn both indoors and outdoors.
– These beautiful scarves go well as a throw on the couch / bed.
– These can be added to any outfit as it gives a vibrant and classy look.

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Yak is an animal that lives high in Himalayan mountains and is accustomed extremely low temperatures. The down layer of wool that is soft and next to the skin is brushed out each spring and is then made into yarn for weaving. It is soft like the high altitude goats that give us cashmere and keeps you very warm. Yaks live at a staggering 13.000 to 16,500 ft. above sea level.

Our warm yak wool Blend Scarf are perfect for Winter. It is incredibly warm, which keeps you cosy in freezing day or night. These beautiful fiber are hand spun and hand combs for softness and warmth. These are handmade by the local people in mountain regions in Nepal.



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